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Our Vision

It is undeniable that energy is an essential part of modern life. For over 35 years, NGP has been a pioneer in the North American energy industry—always keeping an innovative eye on the future.

At our core, we are energy investors and business builders. Our investments have fostered entrepreneurship, driven innovation, created jobs, advanced U.S. energy security, and supported the critical missions of our stakeholders. Today, we are one of the most trusted private equity energy investors.

Our strategy has evolved to a changing energy environment. We have supported hundreds of businesses across upstream, midstream, renewables and energy technology. We have served as good stewards of capital while developing and sustaining an ecosystem that supports all solutions that strengthen the energy sector.

In a time of historic change, our vision is to apply our collective expertise in natural resources and energy transition to identify opportunities to accelerate advances to meet the world’s energy needs.

It’s a vision that is Moving Energy Forward.


Years of Investing


Years of Energy Experience

> $20B

Capital Commitments

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The Proven, Natural Choice for Natural Resources Investments

The United States is the largest producer of oil and natural gas in the world. It also has reserves to grow production, drive global energy security, and improve the emissions intensity of energy production.

NGP understands the challenging dynamics of investing in the global energy system and works to support its portfolio companies as they navigate those challenges and execute on their growth strategies. By concentrating our capital with proven entrepreneurs who have a leading technical edge, we infuse responsibility, stability and security throughout the energy market.

Areas We Invest In

The acquisition and development drilling of oil and gas resources.

The processing, storing, transporting and marketing of oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids.

The ownership of the revenue produced from oil and gas resources.

A royalty and mineral interest does not bear any operational or capital costs to produce the resource, but benefits from the ownership in the revenue.
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Well-Positioned to Support a Thriving Energy Transition

At NGP, we believe in the importance of the energy transition, as well as the investment opportunity it creates. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), approximately $80 trillion will be invested in companies and solutions to decarbonize the global economy over the next 30 years.

Our team, with over 80 years of collective experience investing and operating in the energy transition, has more than $1B of capital commitments dedicated to 20 active energy transition companies in our portfolios. We have unique perspectives and networks to generate attractive returns, all while enabling the growth of a low-carbon economy.

Areas We Invest In

The products and services that support the development, construction, and maintenance of wind, solar energy and storage, innovation in grid hardware and software to improve the reliability, security and flexibility of the electric grid.

The equipment and processes required to electrify commercial and consumer transportation, charging infrastructure and building and industrial heating.

Technologies and services that dramatically improve energy performance and/or reduce energy consumption.

Technologies and services that measure, trade, abate and offset the environmental impacts of production and consumption throughout the economy, including carbon accounting, carbon marketplaces and environmental compliance solutions.

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