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NGP believes energy is essential to progress. We invest in people, ideas and companies to ensure responsible, secure energy today and to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable energy future.





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Advancing Energy

We’ve worked alongside pioneers in natural resources and energy transition for over 34 years—supporting and guiding them as they execute on compelling strategic plans and drive significant value creation.

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Empowering Entrepreneurs

We invest in innovators as they work to solve the energy needs of our changing world. We are here to help grow the businesses of tomorrow.

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Portfolio Profile:

Austin-based Greenlake Energy is striving to minimize the natural impact of harnessing energy as it acquires and develops assets in the Permian Basin.

“The world needs energy, and at Greenlake we envision a world that provides equal access to energy for all humans—improving mobility, comfort and lifespans while living in symbiosis with the planet.”

Matt Gallagher

Founder, President & CEO

Portfolio Company Since 2021

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Ojjo’s proprietary, patent-pending Earth Truss system for solar foundations uses 50% less steel because the loads are resisted by the strong axes of the structure. It also minimizes embedment depth, reducing sub-surface risk.

“Hardly anyone was working on solar foundations. And whenever I see no one working on a problem, I see an opportunity.”

Jack West

Founder and CTO

Portfolio Company since 2021

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Elk Range is focused on acquiring quality, long-life producing mineral and royalty interests and delivering an unparalleled experience for mineral and royalty owners with industry experience and market-leading technology.

“We understand that minerals are not like other property. For many owners, minerals represent a family legacy with decades of history. Elk Range honors that legacy by acquiring minerals to own for the long term.”

Charlie Shufeldt


Portfolio Company Since 2020

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Our Commitment to the Future

With focused diligence, we are integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) throughout the investment process.  NGP is committed to being among the most forward-thinking energy asset owners in private equity.

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