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Responsibly Moving Energy Forward

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At NGP, we’ve long invested in high-quality, economically competitive and sustainable businesses helping to transition global energy systems to a clean and low-carbon future.

We partner with first-in-class entrepreneurs building oil and gas companies that are improving their emissions intensity of energy production while maximizing returns to investors. We also believe in the importance of the energy transition and are teaming up with best-in-class companies to enable the growth in renewable energy, electrification of our economy, efficient use of energy resources, and the management of carbon emissions.

With the understanding that ESG characteristics and successful investment outcomes are inherently linked, NGP is committed to driving continuous, tangible ESG improvement across our firm and our portfolio companies.

NGP is a proud signatory to the UNPRI and
ESG Data Convergence Initiative (EDCI)

Our Integrated ESG Process

NGP incorporates ESG assessment and measurement wherever possible into our investment process and portfolio
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  • Portfolio ESG Data
  • NGP Proprietary ESG Analysis
  • ESG Screening Criteria
  • Regulatory Environment
  • Industry Best Practices
  • Expert Advisors
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  • Origination and
    Due Diligence
  • Monitoring
  • Exit
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  • Performance Improvement Goals
  • Limited Partner ESG Reporting
  • Due Diligence Questionnaires
  • Internal Benchmarking
  • Shared Learning and Cross-Pollination
  • ESG-Integrated Decision Making
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“We integrate ESG throughout our investment process. It matters to us and leads to better investment outcomes.”

Chris Carter, Managing Partner

Identifying Key ESG Issues

NGP’s portfolio spans the energy value chain, resulting in a group of varied companies with diverse operations. To monitor ESG performance, we consider key metrics and frameworks put forth by these and other leading institutions:

  • The ESG Data Convergence Initiative (EDCI)
  • The Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF)
  • The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)
  • The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)
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“We have the capability—and the responsibility—to make a positive impact on broader stakeholder issues through our investment practices with the goal of maximizing returns to our investors.”

Laurel Peacock, Head of ESG

Environmental Stewardship

We strive to collaborate with our portfolio companies to reduce the environmental impacts of their operations. As a key pillar of NGP’s responsible investing policy, environmental stewardship focuses specifically on:

  • Greenhouse gases, including methane and other emissions
  • Water resources, including sourcing, reuse and recycling
  • Land disturbances, including seismic risk mitigation
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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Women in Energy

Expanding the networks of accomplished women within our industry is a key component of our firm’s advocacy. That’s why we’re creating ongoing networking opportunities with and among accomplished women with technical expertise and entrepreneurial skills who are working across the energy industry.


In 2017, we implemented our NGP Connects program to increase the number and depth of our firm’s connections with women in energy. These industry connections have since led to meaningful career contacts for over a thousand women.

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“We believe that connections create opportunity. And through NGP’s Connects, we’re creating new opportunities for women throughout our entire industry.”

Jill Lampert, Chief Financial & Administrative Officer

Giving Back

Investing in the Community

At NGP, we support the communities where we live and work through a variety of charitable causes. We regularly give back to our local communities—both financially and through our firm’s annual day of service—making tangible impacts for local non-profit organizations that support children, education and creating improved economic opportunities.


Meals provided to North
Texas residents in need

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Governance & Transparency

ESG Oversight

A fundamental element of NGP’s governance structure is the frequent interactions with portfolio companies. NGP’s senior deal team members utilize their position on portfolio company boards to emphasize the importance of ESG in long-term value creation.


NGP’s 11-member ESG Committee works together diligently to enact the responsible development, implementation and oversight of all our firm’s ESG policies and initiatives.

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